Thursday, 13 August 2015

Infographic: Hotels vs B&Bs

Consider this, before you book a hotel room for your next vacation: 3 from 4 travelers state that B&Bs offer better amenities than hotels. Travelers who remain at a B&B have a hot, homemade breakfast every morning as well as the free snacks and happy hour drinks offered at some B&Bs. Additionally, amenities like parking and Wi-Fi are contained in the price of a B&B. 

Those who have ever taken a detailed take a look at their hotel bill is aware that some hotels charge outrageous fees for such basic amenities. B&Bs not just win within the value department, they frequently offer less expensive rates too! The typical night’s remain at New York hotel $217 USD, as the average bed and breakfast stay is $169 per night. In Miami, B&Bs average $55 less per night than hotels within the same area! Still not convinced that the B&B is perfect for the next getaway? Key amenities, nightly rates and additional perks go visit head within this Hotels vs B&Bs infographic!